Mia Love

Born December 6, 1975, Mia Love was raised in Connecticut, the daughter of Haitian immigrants. A converted Mormon, Love first got into politics in 2003, winning a city council seat in her adopted city of Saratoga Springs, Utah. Six years later she won the mayor’s seat. In 2014, Love captured Utah’s 4th Congressional District, making her the first black female Republican to win a congressional seat.


Mia Love was born Ludmya Bourdeau in Brooklyn, New York, on December 6, 1975. She is the youngest of three children and the daughter of Haitian immigrants, who’d come to America about a year before Mia’s birth with just $10 between them and knowing no English. Raised without much money, Mia has said her life and, later, her politics were shaped by her humble childhood.
“I had a front-row seat for two people living the American dream,” Love has often said.
The Bourdeaus eventually moved to Norwalk, Connecticut, where Love’s father worked as a paint company manager and her mother was employed as a nurse.
For college, Love remained in Connecticut, graduating from the University of Hartford with a degree in fine arts in 1997. Not long after, she moved to Utah to stay with a friend for a short stretch. While there she fell in love with Jason Love, a Mormon missionary she’d first met in Connecticut. On their first date, Jason took Mia to her first firing range.
Mia soon joined the Mormon Church, and the couple was married in December 1998. Shortly after they were engaged, the talented Love was offered a role in the Broadway production of “Smokey Joe’s Cafe.” She turned it down, however, because it conflicted with her wedding. The Loves have since gone on to have three children.